Managing Partner, East West Partners

Amy Cara

Amy oversees the Denver office of East West Partners, including the team creating The Coloradan, a 334-unit condominium project at the heart of Denver Union Station, as well as focusing on strategy and identification of new opportunities in Denver. Prior to this role, she has most recently been responsible for the revitalization of The Landmark, a mixed-use community in Greenwood Village.

Prior to leading the revitalization of The Landmark, Amy helped to create the Riverfront Park community and the Union Station redevelopment. More than a collection of buildings, the Riverfront Park neighborhood of Denver, Denver’s Union Station Neighborhood and the Landmark development represent something important to Amy – creating a sense of place. Deeply committed to the arts, Amy is a founding board member for the Riverfront Park Community Foundation, which fosters organizations particularly in the areas of arts and education in Denver, and Union Hall, a new model for arts engagement in downtown Denver, as well as a board member of Community Builders, an organization that helps smaller towns capacity build for conversations around growth and identity.