Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Announces Spring 2024 Grant Partners

$1,251,125 in new grants distributed
Bonfils-Stanton Foundation

May 30, 2024


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This spring, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation is pleased to announce the distribution of $1,251,125 in new grant awards. These grants are a testament to our deepening partnership with Denver’s arts and culture organizations, aimed at fostering diversity and vibrancy within our community. This cycle introduces new members to our ecosystem of support, including the Birdseed Collective, known for their dynamic community engagement and artistic initiatives.

Significant investments have been made to enable Su Teatro and Access Gallery to purchase their own facilities—a milestone achievement for both. This move will expand Su Teatro's capacity and enhance its educational offerings. Previously limited by space, they are now set to flourish in their new location within the dynamic Santa Fe Arts District, further solidifying our commitment to our local neighbors.

We have also reinforced our support for Curious Theater by allocating $60,000 for general operations, recognizing their vital role and ongoing impact in our arts community. Curious Theater continues to be a cornerstone of cultural enrichment in Denver.

These grants highlight our commitment to supporting organizations that not only excel in their respective fields but also contribute significantly to the cultural and sustainable development of our community. We are continually thankful for being invited to support their efforts and look forward to the positive impacts these investments will have in our community.  

Total Grants Awarded - April '24


Access Gallery $80,000

Latino Cultural Arts Center $100,000

Su Teatro $350,000

General Operating Support

ArtistiCO Inc. $20,000

Buntport Theater Company $20,000

Central City Opera House Association $60,000

Colorado Black Arts Movement $40,000

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival $20,000

Control Group Productions $20,000

Curious Theatre Company $60,000

Denver Architecture Foundation $20,000

Denver Digerati $15,000

Denver Fringe Festival $10,000

Denver Young Artists Orchestra $20,000

The Gift of Jazz $12,000

Grantmakers in the Arts $10,000

Leon Gallery $10,000

Museo de las Americas $50,000

The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary $25,000

Inclusive Communities Grants

Askkanwii Filmmaking Hub $5,000

Black American West Museum & Heritage Center, Inc. $5,000

Casa Milagro Youth Solutions Inc. $5,000

Chicano Humanities and Arts Council $5,000

Colorado Korean Chorus $5,000

Colorado Native $5,000

Colorado Nepalese Community $5,000

Colorado New Style Foundation $5,000

Colorado Youth Mariachi Program $5,000

Fiesta Colorado, Inc. $5,000

Filipino-American Community of Colorado $5,000

Flamenco Denver $5,000

Innervision $5,000

Insight Colab Theatre $5,000

International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management, Inc. $5,000

Los Fantasmas Art Collective $5,000

Mudra Dance Studio $5,000

Opening Act $5,000

Sacred Voices $5,000

Studio Colombia $5,000

Tilt West $5,000

Words to Power $5,000


Birdseed Collective $20,000

Colorado Creative Industries $5,000

Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestras $10,000

Inside the Orchestra $15,000

Kim Robards Dance Inc. $15,000

Rocky Mountain Public Media $30,000


Asian Roundtable of Colorado $4,000

Control Group Productions (fiscal sponsor for "Cheyanne" production) $2,000

The Women's Foundation of Colorado $3,000

Western States Arts Federation $1,000

Technical Assistance

Avante Garde $5,000

CM Dance $5,000

Colorado Photographic Arts Center $4,125

Colorado Youth Mariachi Program $5,000

ReCreative Denver $5,000

Trustee Designated

Access Gallery $10,000

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance $10,000

Curious Theatre Company $10,000

Denver Biennial of the Americas $10,000

Denver Zoological Foundation $10,000

Opera Colorado $10,000

The Metropolitan State University of Denver $10,000

Total distributed


Bonfils-Stanton Foundation

May 30, 2024
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